Clean air conditions ...

Clean air conditions ...

Study Schedule (2nd year students)

Vehicle of Electrical System

  • Safety First of Vehicle Electrical
  • Vehicle of Electrical Symbol
  • Multi meter
  • Battery of Vehicle
  • Ignition Switch System
  • Ignition System
  • Heating System (Diesel and Gasoline Engine)
  • Starting System
  • Charging System
  • Vehicle of Lighting System
  • Wiper Washer System

Vehicle of Air Condition System

  • Safety First of Vehicle Air Condition
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Component System
  • Vehicle Air Condition Function of Component
  • How to use Gauge
  • Vehicle Vacuum System
  • Vehicle Check leak aging Air Conditioning System
  • Vehicle Electrical of Symbol Air Condition System
  • Vehicle Air Condition Function of Control System
  • Vehicle of charging Gas R12 and R134a System
  • Vehicle Air Condition Trouble Shooting System

Vehicle Suspension System

  • Safety Fist of Vehicle Suspension System
  • Vehicle of Clutch System
  • Vehicle Manual Transmission Box
  • Vehicle of differential a Rear
  • Vehicle of Steering Wheels
  • Vehicle of Brake System
  • Vehicle of Shock Absorbers (Front and Rear)
  • Vehicle of Hub Wheels
  • Machine remove Tires
  • Vehicle of Balancing Wheels
  • Clean air conditions ...


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