• Our passion ...

    Our passion ...

  • A good training ...

    A good training ...


Our purpose is to work around cars and motorcycles. The safety on today's roads is a must. Therefore, your safety is our target.


Cars & motorcycles

This program concentrates on the importance of the basic principles of Automobile technology at work in car and motorcycles.


All-round service

It provides a training on servicing, maintenance, installation and repairs on car and motorcycles engines. It also provides a sound and thorough knowledge on computerized wheel alignment and car electronics.


Automotive Training

Theory & Praxis

  • Electric theory- Engine theory- Maintenance
  • Lab & measurement
  • Electrical system
  • Basic skill
  • Welding
  • Suspension system
  • EFI system
  • Troubleshooting
  • Car electric system
  • Car suspension
  • Car engine
  • Air conditioning


«A good training with the latest tools for your safety».

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