• a real opportunity ...

    a real opportunity ...

  • to support the youth ...

    to support the youth ...

 «Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless»

Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS) offers volunteer placement opportunities for passionate individuals who are looking to make a difference. As a volunteer, you will help to facilitate the technical skill education of disadvantaged young Cambodian adults. Your contribution will seek to provide the foundations necessary to create a future of possibilities for our students.


Requirements and Conditions of Potential Volunteers:

  • We ask for a minimum of one year of volunteer service, in particular for those who are teaching subjects such as English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Volunteers should organise his/her own flight (transportation to Phnom Penh), travel insurance and any addition money needed while here.
  • DBTS will prepare the Visa B for volunteers.
  • DBTS will also support the volunteer by providing one-month study of the Khmer Language.


DBTS welcomes individual volunteers who are needed urgently to share their expertise in particular fields for a short period of time. When short-term volunteers are required, an announcement will be made on our website. For these individuals, all conditions as listed above are applicable except for the one-year length of stay and one-month study of the Khmer language.

DBTS also welcomes groups who wish to sponsor and participate in out-reach projects that serve the school’s needs and are approved by management. Requirements and conditions of group volunteers include the following:

  • The length of stay of the group would depend on the length of the proposed project.
  • The group must prepare their own Visas.
  • The group should organise their own flights (transportation to Phnom Penh), travel insurance and any additional money needed while here.
  • The group should arrange their own accommodation and food throughout their out-reach project.
  • DBTS will organise interaction programs between the group and the students if applicable.

Please contact:

Fr. Charles Arun Michael, Dean
Phone: +855 69 535 457
Email: carlos.michael @dbts.info

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