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Job Opportunity ...

 Supervised In-Plant Training (SIPT) Program

Don Bosco Technical School - Technical Vocational Education and Training (DBTS - TVET) Center, in furtherance of its mission to provide an integral development to poor youth through a quality education and technical skills training, and in the exercise of its corporate social responsibility of contributing to the building up of a more just society worthy of human beings, devised a two-year Industrial Skills and Training Program for the poor youth.

Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Labor

Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training Center (MOLVT) in Poverty alleviation through technical education, and in support of the TRAINING INSTITUTIONs mission - to provide youth with human, social, moral values and attitudes, and employable skills. Don Bosco Technical School includes a 3-month Supervised In-Plant Training (SIPT) of its graduating students in the INDUSTRY PARTNERs plant as part of the aforementioned Program.

Any information and materials acquired and shared through this program will be treated with confidentiality by the student trainee.

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