we act with passion ...

we act with passion ...

Introduction to administration

  • Rector - a priest; he is the Director of the school, animating the Educative Pastoral Community through the management team; he coordinates too with different members of the Salesian Family.
  • Vice Rector – a priest; he takes the place of the rector when absent; he takes responsibility of a key position in the management.
  • Bursar – he is responsible of the economic affairs; he manages the properties and follows up the non-teaching and production personnel.
  • Dean – supervises the education and training of students, and of the formation and professional performance of the staff according to the Salesian Educative System and requirement of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.
  • Head Master – responsible of running the school according to the TVET Program in keeping with the Salesian Educative System with the cooperation of all managers, staff and students.
  • TVET Affairs – an assistant to the Head Master who follows up the curriculum of the TVET program, and prepares and submits reports to the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.
  • Youth Pastoral – he is responsible of the value-ethic, and spiritual formation and activities of students and staff; he also trains students to leadership.
  • Boarder In-charge – supervises the smooth running of the boarding house; he takes care of the formation and activities of the boarders.
  • Oratory In-charge – supervises the oratory, its activities and the formation of the lay volunteer animators.
  • Past Pupil In-charge – coordinates with the past pupils in their activities.
  • Liaison Officer – manages and follows up legal documents of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia in the different ministries concerned.

«we act with passion day per day»

Fr. Roel Soto, Rector
Phone: 011 20 52 22
Email: soto.roel @dbts.info

Fr. Charles Arun Michael, Dean
Phone: 069 535 457
Email: carlos.michael @dbts.info

Chheng Suy, Head Master
Phone: 097 70 14 707

Pang Poty, Assist. Head Master
Phone: 097 92 27 229

Aun Sok, Administrator
Phone: 017 35 47 47


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